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Sinawe Funeral Service

Sinawe Funeral Service

  • Phone:
  • Address: Aloe Street, Aloe Business Centre, Mtubatuba, KZN, South Africa
  • Cell: +27768972113, +27838856906
  • Fax: +27355500492
  • Email:

About Us: Sinawe Funeral Services is one of the largest funeral companies in MTUBATUBA and a major role player in the progressive development of the funeral industry. Sinawe Funeral Services is a fully-fledged funeral undertaker to meet the needs of people in the event of the death of a loved one. Our funeral service is an important part in the very personal journey of grief we all travel on the death of someone we love. Sinawe funeral services – you can find us at : ALOE STREET, MTUBATUBA, ALOE BUSINESS CENTER.

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